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Here Are 10 Smartphones DOs and DON’Ts You Should Definitely Know About


As mobile phones are so universal they’ve become a part of our life. Without them thinking about the daily routine is impossible. Since it not only helps you handling your personal stuff but also handles a large part of your profession. That’s the reason you need to take care of smartphones DOs and DON’Ts.

Each day with a new development in the technology and mobile development world, our mobile phone becomes more and more important for us. And as they are so useful, we should never leave any chance of hurting them. Cause the moment our cell phone will stop working half of our work will also stop. Since they hold so much importance in our lives there are few basic etiquette’s which we should always follow while using the smart-phone. And the things that may harm our smart-phone should definitely be avoided.

Here Are 10 Basic Smartphones DOs And DON’Ts You Should Know While Using Your Smartphone.

Smartphone DOs

Battery Life

Battery life of our cell phones is the most tricky and the most tempting thing for a mobile user. There’s so much use of our phone that we can’t spend a single moment of our time without using it. And so we always want our mobile phone to be fully charged. This is one of the most important point under Smartphones DOs and DON’Ts.

  • The safest way to keep your mobile phone charged and ready to use without hampering its battery is to always keep it charged between 40%-80%. Keeping your battery at this medium will make sure whenever you take it for use it will never dump you. Also, this is the most better way to keep your mobile battery safe and healthy.
  • Another important way to keep your mobile battery safe is, always use the charger that comes with your device set. Other plug-in chargers and cables may appear to be useful at the charging but are very harmful in the long term of the battery usage.

Use Travel Charges or Converters

Charging your phone before you leave your home is the basic thing that everyone follows. But maintaining that charge while you’re traveling especially outside your country is important.

  • Don’t forget to keep converters or travel chargers while you’re packing your bag for overseas. The chargers you use in India to charge your phone does not help you overseas. Different countries have different kind of socket designs which are different from India. And carrying multiple chargers for different devices is not a good idea at all.
  • Carry one useful converter and it will help you save your entire trip.

Use Spike Guards

Spike guards are another useful device you should use to avoid getting your phone ‘burn’. Many-a-times, while your phone is in charge, a sudden rise in the voltage-current may cause a voltage surge. Resulting damaging your phone or device permanently.

Use Power Banks

Power banks are another important inventions of this generation.

Power banks or battery charges are heavens for those who are in constant need of their phones. Using them without looking for a power plug we can charge our mobile phones at any place and any time we want.

Use Tempered Skin/Glass

Tempered skins/Glass got the back of our phones. Buying costly mobile phones are of no use if you can’t protect them wisely.

  • Skins are the most useful element for protecting your phone. Cause screens are the most vital part of your phone and so protecting them from any kind of scratch is very important.
  • Apply good quality tempered skins/glass and it will help you protect your phone screens from all kind of dirt, scratches, or nails.

Use Mobile Cases

Mobile cases are another kind of protectors that help you protect your phone against all the harsh components, and exterior damages, such as scrapes, soil, dirt, and falls. This is, again, one of the most important Smartphones DOs and DON’Ts.

  • Their gripping quality helps you doesn’t lose the grip of your phone even when your hands are full of sweat.
  • In any kind of accidental fall of your phone, it will protect your phone from breakage.
  • Their heat and dust resistance quality makes them more reliable and durable.

Keep Your Phone Memory Clean

It is very useful to maintain the long life of your phone.

  • Delete all the unwanted applications from your phone which do not get into any use.
  • Timely keep checking if your phone didn’t get any bug or the virus.
  • From time to time keep transferring your important pictures, documents, and PDF folders from your mobile phone to your laptop or computer. It will keep your phone run smoothly without getting hang or corrupt.

Keep Updated

Keep your phone updated with the newer versions.

  • It will introduce you all the new changes your OS has made.
  • It will keep your phone run faster and quick.
  • It will introduce you all the new themes and features of your mobile applications.

Put On Battery Saver Mode

Putting your phone in battery saver mode will help it run longer. Till the time you get your power bank or charger ready it will help your phone not getting switch off.

Keep Your Mobile Password Protected

Always keep your mobile phone password protected so that in any case if your phone gets into the hands of strangers it will not let them access your phone without your permission. This will help you keep your pictures, documents, and all the other data safe and secure. This is also one of the most important Smartphones DOs and DON’Ts.

Don’ts You Need To Avoid Are:

  • Your phone carries all your personal and professional information. Thus avoid leaving it at anyplace. It can cost us a lot.
  • Do not ignore the software updates your phone provides you.
  • Protect your mobile phone from all the malicious applications. Do not download or install any app you know nothing about. It may carry malicious data within it.
  • If your computer or laptop is not protected with antivirus software, avoid connecting it with your mobile phone. Otherwise, it will affect and corrupt your mobile data too.
  • Avoid Public WiFi Networks, doing so will help you protect your mobile phone sharing your valuable data or information to others.
  • Never leave your apps running in the background if you’re not using them. Keeping it on will make your mobile battery get discharge more quickly.
  • Never open the corrupted emails, it will hack your mobile phone and may share your personal and important data with others.
  • Avoid clicking on the dangerous links that pop on your screens. They may carry harmful virus and infections corrupting your phone.
  • Don’t allow to use your mobile phone to any stranger or someone you do not trust completely. Especially never follows this practice if you are not around.
  • Don’t use other chargers and cables to instantly charge your phone. It may damage your mobile battery permanently.
  • Don’t use your phone without applying any skin guard or case protection. It may cost us more than we ever think of

So, did you like the list of Smartphones DOs and DON’Ts. Did we miss any, do tell us in the comments section below.

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