With 3D printing technology popularization and widely used, currently all walks of life have been applied to the 3D printing technology, look at the domestic development of 3D printers has been all the rage, more and more relevant brand rise to the sky, consumers Faced with the “difficulty in choice”, faced with so many brands and models, how to choose a cost-effective 3D printer ? Today I will analyze the following 6 aspects in an all-round way to help you choose one Cost-effective 3D printer.

One: Brand

         Start with the brand first. Squandering is becoming more attractive , so choosing the right brand is very important! Gadget2Buy is currently a global pioneer online store of 3D printers. Its domestic and global sales are far ahead. The company was established in 2011. The company has strong strength and rich experience in R&D and production. It is in the field of global 3D printers. Has a very high reputation.

Two: product quality

 As a high-tech product, 3D printers involve materials, machinery, electronics, software and other fields. The quality of the product determines the life cycle. When purchasing, you must consider the materials of the 3D printer, such as screw rods, platforms, circuit boards, nozzles, etc., and good quality 3D printers can win the trust of consumers.

III: Operation convenience of

      Convenience of operation is the basic requirement of users for each machine, especially for novice 3D printer users, the difficulty of machine operation is often related to the user’s impression of the 3D printer. When inspecting the convenient operation of the machine, first consider whether the replacement of consumables is simple, whether the platform heats up quickly, whether there are interrupted materials and continuous power-off functions, whether the instructions on the LCD screen are clear, whether the leveling is simple, and so on.

Four: printing accuracy

       The ultimate goal of buying a 3D printer is to print a 3D model, but if the accuracy of the printed model is far from the design, then the model is unqualified. When choosing a 3D printer, you must see if the printing accuracy can meet your needs. 

Five: Slicing software

         The quality of slicing software affects the quality of printing. Many 3D printer manufacturers have developed their own 3D printer slicing software based on open source slicing software. Consumers should check whether the slicing software is easy to operate and whether the slicing process can be performed in real time when purchasing a 3D printer. The slicing process of the model can be seen on the computer, which is convenient for setting the slicing parameters.

Six: After- sales service

Finally, the after-sales service is very important, because 3d printers are mechanical products. If they are mechanical products, there will be problems. It is only the length of time. Then 3d printers are relatively high-end mechanical equipment, and problems usually occur. I can’t solve it by myself, so when buying a machine, after-sales service must be taken into consideration. It is necessary to ask the manufacturer whether to provide warranty service. If it does not provide on-site service, how to solve the related issues of the product failure should be negotiated with the manufacturer to ensure that there are no accidents in use.

 The above are the six key points of choosing a cost-effective 3D printer analyzed and summarized by the editor . I hope it will be of some help to you. If you want to know the specific model or have other questions, please consult our Gadget2Buy service online, and the customer service will answer all your questions.

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